5 Good Books that were Butchered on Screen

This is not a list of good books that were turned into movies and shows that sucked because they were so much different form the book. Sometimes the screenplay is written in such a way that the only thing that is the same is the basic general concept and the name  think ‘I Am Legend’.
I am talking about good (or decent) books that have been turned into Movies or TV shows that just absolutely SUCK. Sometimes you get lucky, and the show is sooooo far gone that it actually becomes comical.
There are some titles that I will not include here. Think 1984. The movie was low budget, but it still managed to convey the overall bleakness of he world. It wasn’t nearly as moving as the book, but it can still hold it’s own.

On to the list:
5. Jumper (Movie)

  • I fully understand that this movie is catering to the teen audience – mainly the female teen audience – but that is no excuse to degrade the book in such a horrid way. Don’t get me wrong, the movie wasn’t horrible (IMO nothing with Samuel L. Jackson can be too horrible), but I included it here because it needed to be said. Both Jumper and Reflex by Steven Gould were interesting good reads, and had so much potential to become a great movie. FAIL!


4. The Sword of Truth Series A.K.A. Legend of the Seeker(TV)

  • I don’t even like thinking about this show. Granted there were hot chicks in leather outfits. The guy in me really wants to like it, but the reader in me can’t deal with the poor acting. I enjoyed the book . . . to a point (once each books started getting repetitive, I kinda dropped stopped reading them around book 9 or 10) This show reminds me more of a soap opera than anything. Plus it got everything wrong Richard, Mistress Denna, Zed, Darken all SUCK! Who put this thing together anyway? I just have one request, please do not involve yourself in the following projects: ‘Enders Game’, ‘The Hunger Games’, or ‘Old Man’s War’ k thx.


3. Night Watch / Day Watch (Movie)

  • I do not understand why this movie sucked. I really don’t. Directing? Effects? This book was good, and the movie should have been an easy blockbuster. I want to like this movie. Too bad, someone else came up with a similar story, and will most likely do it right. Keep an eye out for Monster Hunter international. SAD!


2. The Dresden Files (TV)

  • I haven’t actually read the Dresden books, but they are on my list. I have it on multiple sources of good authority, that this was an excellent book series and should be included on my list. That being said, I have seen the show. Even without having read the books, I was disappointed in the show. Some shows adjust after the pilot and the first few episodes, fire and hire a few writers and capture the magic. This show didn’t do that though. As a TV show, this series was garbage. SORRY!


1. Flash Forward (TV)

  • This one pissed me off on a whole ‘nother level. Flash Forward is actually one of my favorite books. Robert Sawyer is also, a really good writer. His stories are fun to read and generally well above par. This monstrosity of a TV show however, strung me along week after week. It was not the kind of stringing along that was good either, like Heroes (before the writing strike!) and LOST. It was the kind of stringing along in which I waited for the show to become interesting. I really wanted this show to work. But it didn’t. Maybe the fact that I like the book so much kept me coming back for more abuse, maybe it was the fact that there wasn’t much on TV at that time. Either way, in My opinion, this was one of the worst renditions of Book to Show gone bad, and I’m glad it got canceled. DIE!


I have some advice for you, and no it’s not “don’t watch these shows and movies”. Watch the shows and movies before you read the book. You will do yourself a HUGE favor by doing so.

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