5-inch Dell Streak with Android

I bought a Dell Streak a few days ago since I couldn’t pass up this amazing deal from Dell. I finally decided to switch from the iPhone to the Android. Renewing my contract with AT&T for 2 years brought the price from $549 down to $99. I also had a 15% off coupon from Dell, which was applied against the full price of the phone.

I wont get in to the next day shipping taking 5 days to get to my house…

The phone is HUGE to say the least. The 5-inch model that I bought fit’s me nicely though, finally a phone to fit my stature. The screen is beautiful, and has tons of real estate. Although the phone might be a bit large for the everyday user, you can always use a bluetooth device to make calls. Movies as well as books look great on the phone, and the battery life is good too.

The downside was only temporary. It came with Android 1.6. After checking out the features, and the very limited App Market, I was strongly considering selling the phone on eBay and making a nice bit of profit off of it, but then decided to bypass AT&T, and get Android 2.2. WOW  I should have done that right from the start!

– The first benefit was going from 3G to HSPA+, the speeds are amazing.

– The App Market now all of a sudden had a ton more apps available for me.

– Android 2.2 is simply great.

I did run into a few problems with the phone after the upgrade though. For one thing, my screen kept freezing up on me. To resolve that issue, I had to recalibrate the touchscreen, and it has been fine ever since.

Also, the tough as nails “gorilla display” got scratched already. I guess i was so used to the excellent iPhone screen, that I assumed this screen could stand up to the same level of abuse that I inflict on my phones.

Other than that, I love the phone … not enough to give up my iPhone though I still use the apps, which brings me back to the Streak with 2.2 – It has tethering built into it allowing me to use my iPhone over the tethered wifi signal.

After having used the phone, I would have been glad to pay $99 for it, maybe even up to $300, but definitely not $549 🙂

UPDATE: I had to go back. Although the app market has Apps out the ying yang, I had to go back the Apple – where the Apps are polished.  I went out and got the iPhone 4 and love it. My Dell is now up for auction on eBay … I might come back to Android, I love the freedom that comes with the OS, but for now, I’ll be playing in the walled garden.

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