About “me”:

Algaidaman isn’t something satanic (I get that question a lot for some reason!?!?!), and it is in no way shape or form related to that extreme group in the middle east. A long long time ago, I needed a username for some site that I was signing up for. I can’t remember which one since it was so long ago. As you have no doubt experienced, all of the good names are taken. So I had to make one up. Something unique, that no one else would even think of having.

I  combined two words from the ‘Old Tongue’, a language developed by the late Robert Jordan, the author of one of my favorite book series ‘Wheel of Time‘ namely: algai’d’siswai, and Siswai ‘d aman which roughly translate into Fighters of the Dragon, the Dragon being the protagonist of the book series, Rand al’Thor aka Car’a’carn aka He Who Comes With The Dawn aka The Dragon Reborn … so there you have it.

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