Mosques next to the 9/11 Memorial Site – my 2 cents

Do we still practice religious freedom in this country or not?

Just because the terrorists who struck the twin towers were Muslim, does not mean that we can now disregard our convictions? Remember the reason that people left England to start colonies in the new world? They wanted a better life, including religious freedom from the state run Church of England.

The move to open a mosque might be seen as insensitive, but if you feel that that’s the case, you are lumping every Muslim in with the extremist bunch.

As a black man in America, I can EASILY think of a handful of things that offend me, like the cross. In case you don’t know, the cross was a symbol used by the Klan. Their acts of terror included burning crosses in the yards of black families.

Does the Klans use of the cross that make the cross evil?

Because the Klan claims to be Christian make Christianity evil? No.

Do the sex offender priests make the Catholic church evil? No.

Are Germans, Russians, and Italians evil because they were once run by evil dictators? No.

It is human nature to associate things with good or evil, and take offense to or praise them. We can then act shocked when goodie-two-shoes Tiger Woods gets caught, but it’s OK, we rationalized it as an addiction . . .

Don’t get caught up in the hype. Don’t let emotion cloud your judgment, and lead you down a path that you can’t return from. If we keep giving up freedoms in exchange for a sense of false security, then those who would terrorize us have won.

That being said – I believe that people should be able to worship where ever they want, but because people are so racist, I think it’s a bad idea to open a mosque near the memorial site.

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