Oh The Humanity

There are times when the chips are down. Don’t fret.
Some people say, hey things could always be worse … and that is so true, but things can get better too.

“We should ascend out of the common interests, the thoughts of newspapers, the marketplace, but only so far as we can carry the normal passionate reasoning self, the personality as a whole.” – Yeats

Take the time to read a few items on this thread, then cry and/or vomit, stare blankly into space for 5 minutes, re-evaluate humanity, re-evaluate your humanity. Don’t allow this to depress you, so put on your mental armor first.

Realize how good you got it here, and come to terms that someone is going to bed tonight suffering. In the end, we have to “be the change that we want to see in the world”. If you can, raise your kids and provide them with a great childhood, be a good friend to someone, a selfless partner, then you will have made a difference. Religion doesn’t matter, philosophy doesn’t matter, politics doesn’t matter; do good without expecting anything in return.

There is so much suffering going on in the world. It’s sad. Be a light, and shine for someone.

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