So you want to “learn” how to hack . . .

There are two types of people that want to be hackers. You have those that have seen a movie like swordfish (*sigh), and think it’s cool, and then you have those that need to get something done for whatever reason, usually revenge.

Many seasoned hackers would frown upon both groups simply because of the motivation, some are just elitist. Real hackers though, have always been hackers. Ever since they can remember they’ve modded their consoles, and computer systems, irons . . . They have been driven by an insatiable need to learn and discover. Think of them as a modern day Christopher Columbus if you would.

All in all, there is nothing wrong with your motivation. But there is a distinction, and you need to recognize that. It will take years for you to even come close to the skill-set necessary, let alone make a name for yourself. It will consume a lot of your free time, but if done right your education will be free.

Rule number one is King, regardless of who you are. Anonymity.

If you are just now getting into hacking, you need to change some things about the way you behave. I’m not talking about your P’s and Q’s though. You may have a few email addresses, and social accounts here and there. Your ISP probably has a very large cache containing a list of the sites you visit and how often you  visit them. A nice profile can be created to offer you the finest of advertisements. Your routes are set in place. Let me ask you a question . . . do you always take the same path to go to work/school? Hmmm?

Since the very first thing that you need to do is hide what you do, you need to know what it is you are doing. Think about your online activities. I’m dead serious. Get a paper and a pencil, and write everything down. Do you visit the same type of sites? Do you bank online? Do you place orders online? Look at what you do objectively, and think to yourself, If I were the F B I,  would I be able to build a personality profile based on the information that I find online about myself? Do you use the same user name where ever you go? How about your passwords? Do you always use https whenever possible?

Use a safe connection, on a safe machine (get a laptop cash from a flea market or something), and make new accounts with new usernames and passwords. Keep it separate from everything else. Don’t use this machine for your everyday stuff. Never visit your “clean” email or facebook account from it, and never access your new accounts from anywhere else. Keep the notebook encrypted with an doubly encrypted OS.  I wont tell what to get or how to use it. That’s part of your education process, and you don’t want to be just a script kiddie right? Plus you will have a larger sense of accomplishment when you do it yourself.

Hide it from everyone. Even from your public “profile”. What I mean is, don’t change anything about what you do now. You need to continue on as if nothing has changed. You still need to play your facebook games, listen to your internet radio etc.

The hard part will be – Never talking about it to anyone. Things that are legal now, may not be legal in 5 years! You don’t want to be among the first few people arrested and tried for something that has just become illegal. They will make an example of you. Read and learn.

Don’t tell your best friend,  your brother, or your spouse. It’s best to stay off the radar right from the start. Never do anything to raise any suspicion. In case something does happen in the future and you will have a better chance of not getting  caught if no one knows. If you do happen to get caught, your friends and family will be able to truthfully deny any and everything.

Paranoid yet?

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