Hello Angry Kitty Lunchbox

Hello Kitty

A while back came across these two images that show how adding two little lines can make hello kitty very angry. Apparently the covering of hello kitty’s mouth while giggling looks like she’s flipping the bird when she’s angry ^_^      

Where Is The Serial Number For My Bose In Ear MIE2 Headphones?


IF you are like me, you bought the MIE2 headphones a while back and misplaced the accompanying paperwork. Well now I need the serial number, and have run into two problems. 1. Where is the serial number? 2. Why wont the Bose site let me register? To address the first problem, a quick search yielded […]

Oh The Humanity

There are times when the chips are down. Don’t fret. Some people say, hey things could always be worse … and that is so true, but things can get better too. “We should ascend out of the common interests, the thoughts of newspapers, the marketplace, but only so far as we can carry the normal […]

Paradigm Shift – Dumping the Middleman

Once upon a time, you had to not only have a good idea, but you had to pitch your idea to a major label whether you were tying to get a book, game, CD, movie etc published, and leave your fate in their hands. If you’ve been keeping an eye on crowd fund operations like […]

Raw Green Juice + Recap

Vegetables and Fruit Juiced Jan 4 2012

It’s been a very long time since I posted about starting the raw green juice deal, so here’s a recap: My wife and I bought a nice Breville juicer after watching ‘Fat, Sick, and Almost Dead’, and started the raw green juice thing at the beginning of August. I managed to drop an amazing 28 […]

Seasonal Allergies and Dairy – A Horrible Combination

Sometimes I wonder how the hell it took me so long to connect these two dots. Since I made the “discovery” I have been virtually allergy symptom free (I can still feel a faint tingling on days where the pollen count is really high). From late April / early May through June (and again in […]

Bob Parsons Elephant Killing Safari

GoDaddy Elephant Image from Mashable.com

Out of all the lame excuses I have ever heard, this one takes the cake. Is Bob Parsons really trying to spin his hunting of elephants into a humanitarian effort?   Soooo in order to stop the elephants from trampling the farmers crops, you have to come in and shoot them? And you have to […]

5 Good Books that were Butchered on Screen

This is not a list of good books that were turned into movies and shows that sucked because they were so much different form the book. Sometimes the screenplay is written in such a way that the only thing that is the same is the basic general concept and the name ┬áthink ‘I Am Legend’. […]

IRS and Frivolous Tax Arguments

The IRS issued a document showing some common frivolous legal arguments made by people who don’t want to pay their taxes. They effectively beat down every argument made against paying taxes ranging from “Wages, tips, and other compensation are not income” to “The Internal Revenue Service is not an agency of the United States”. People […]

Talk to Your Kids . . . They’re listening

I love Stumbleupon.com – it brings me so many sites that I would normally never come across. If I’m sitting there with too much work to do, and can’t focus, I always have my Stumble button right there. Maybe not the best of ideas, but hey, every man’s gotta have his vice(s). Anyway, I came […]